Biography: Danny Torres

Danny Torres on Set of Taught In Cold Blood

Though too young to be part of the “Jaw’s Baby” generation of filmmakers, Danny Torres grew up still highly influenced by the films of Steven Spielberg, and considers himself part of the new generation of “Jurassic Park Baby” filmmakers. Born in Los Angeles, California to Salvadoran immigrants, Danny attended Loyola High School while still finding time to go to the movies every weekend with his father. Upon graduating, Danny moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend the University of California at Berkeley.

Danny Torres CEO Continuum Pictures

At the age of twenty, while still in college, Danny began working as a PA on a production with the indie film company Independent Image Entertainment (IIE). Approximately two weeks into production, based on the level of work and effort Danny was contributing to the production, the partners of IIE decided to make him a producer on the project and formally invited him to join the company. By the end of that year, Danny was voted in as the head of IIE by its nine partners, most of which were above the age of twenty-five. The following year, Danny supervised the release of all of IIE’s productions and produced two more features by the time he graduated college.

Danny Torres on Three Bad Men with Chelese Belmont

At the beginning of 2006, Danny moved back to Los Angeles, along with six partners from IIE and formed a new company called Continuum Pictures, whose purpose was to produce studio-level projects. Since then, Danny has directly worked on numerous feature films, award-winning short films, and music videos. Danny’s filmmaking experiences during that time have ranged from handling pre-production as a producer to being on set as a writer/director; he even became Continuum Pictures’ most coveted cinematographer. Once the camera stops rolling, Danny often times finds himself in the editing room, either cutting a feature himself or assisting other editors in polishing their final edits.

Danny Torres on The Darkness Descending

As a writer, Danny has written three feature screenplays and worked as a script-doctor on numerous scripts, most of which have been green-lit based on his contributions.

Danny is now regularly consulted and has been instrumental in the formation of several smaller production companies, including Filmplane Entertainment. He strives to make every project begin with an “A” level script, no matter its genre or budget. A driven filmmaker, Danny’s goal is to make the highest quality films for the widest audience possible.

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