Response To A Stalker: By Danny Torres Continuum Motion Pictures

Danny Torres CEO Continuum Motion Pictures

Danny Torres CEO Continuum Motion Pictures

When I was in the fourth grade, I did something stupid. My teacher, in an effort to instruct my class on how to properly write correspondence, had everyone write a letter to a sixth grader. I was randomly assigned a particular student who was a bit unusual, but overall a nice kid who had never done a thing to me in my life. I, in an attempt to be funny or playful or perhaps not even knowing what else to write, proceeded to compose a letter to this student where I called him weird, odd and an assortment of other things that were honestly, mean and undeserved. Two days later, my teacher started the day by lecturing to my class about what had happened, though she refused to name the student who had written the letter. She stated she wanted everyone to know about this act of cruelty and that she would deal with the offending student later in private. As she continued on explaining how what I had done was wrong, I raised my hand, and then simply said aloud, “I did it.” I ended up apologizing to my teacher, the student, and the student’s teacher. I don’t know or remember why I wrote the letter and I don’t know or remember why I admitted to my class that I was the one who did it, and to this day, I regret any harm I may have done to that student. But the two things I learned that day were—one, learn to treat others well; and two, my teacher respected me for having the willingness to admit to my mistake.

Danny Torres: Continuum Pictures with John and Joel Murray on The Bouncer

Danny Torres with John & Joel Murray on The Bouncer

As you may or may not know, there is currently an individual anonymously posting things about me online under the guise of different people. I know who the individual is, but I will not name them here or at any point publicly because frankly, what purpose would that serve? Would it not just maintain a perpetual circle of malice? In the film industry, you will come across a lot of people, some of whom you will love and some of whom you wish to part ways with as you simply don’t mesh. But unfortunately, there are times that you meet people who have become embittered and hardened by the difficulty of this industry, and in truth, it is hard. To quote Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.” But unfortunately, rather than just continue pushing forward, people feel the need to place their anger, frustration, and dissatisfaction on whatever or whomever they feel has wronged them, whether legitimate or not.

Danny Torres

Danny Torres

Gossip and innuendo can be fun for people. There are magazines, websites, and TV shows that all profit off the gossip of many a famous people. Now, I am certainly not famous, far from it, but I do understand that part of human nature that derives some type of satisfaction from seeing a person being torn down, giving way to a dark sentiment inside of us that secretly says, “my life’s not great but at least I’m doing better than that person.” And yet, the same people willing to tear you down are the same people that perhaps once sung your praises. I can’t speak for everyone, but I rather learn about people by speaking with them and meeting with them than by judging them based on what I read in a magazine, or saw on some news show, or, God forbid, read about them on the Internet.

Danny Torres at Music Saves LivesNow, with my particular situation, am I to assume that this person thinks that my success is growing to the point where he or she needs to spend as much time and effort to try and debase me? Or do they simply not trust that when people meet me, or speak with me on the phone, or interact with me in any manner, they can’t make a judgment for themselves as to whether or not they wish to work with me? If anyone ever wishes to ask me about my dealings in the industry or the business relationships I have taken part of, I’d be more than willing to have an open, honest conversation. I’m not hard to reach.

DP/Producer Danny Torres with Director Joel Murray

DP/Producer Danny Torres with Director Joel Murray

Now, I don’t wish to address anything written about me because honestly, it’s not worth dignifying. However, there is one matter I do wish to say something about and it is this—I was once accused of taking a sum of money from an investor with a time, place and amount stated. I’d just like to be on the record of saying that I love telling that story because at the accused time, I was in the sixth grade living on the other side of the country. That’s the fun of the Internet—anyone can write anything about anyone. In the words of Mark Twain, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Then again, he also said, “Most of what’s on the Internet is true.”

And finally, to the person who keeps writing things about me, I just have this last thing to say to you: Thank you. Thank you for spending so much time thinking about me and my company and my business partners. It’s nice to know that I have not been forgotten. I’m sorry for the fact that I can’t pay you the same compliment, outside of writing this, as I spend my time, energy, and day working on moving my company forward by producing more movies and helping other filmmakers have the opportunity to distribute their films to the public. I honest to God wish you the best of luck on your own projects when you finally decide to spend your time working on those, instead of trying to defame my reputation. By posting on the Internet. Anonymously. Like a fourth grader would.

Continuum Motion Pictures: Danny Torres CEO

Continuum Motion Pictures: Danny Torres CEO

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Sirens – Continuum Motion Pictures – Danny Torres

Sirens, a journey into the aftermath of a Zombie Apocalypse. Written by Jason Durdon Directed by Jason Durdon and Danny Torres. Produced by Jason Durdon, Danny Torres, and James Duval.

Update: April 2014 Sirens was selected to play at the recent RIP Film Festival

- Continuum Motion Pictures -

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Danny Torres CEO Continuum Motion Pictures Has a New Official Site

DP/Producer/Director Danny Torres guided this production from inception to the end.

DP/Producer/Director Danny Torres guided this production from inception to the end.

It was over a year ago when Continuum Pictures began the process constructing a personal site for Danny Torres Continuum Pictures CEO. Given that we are a movie first company this is understandable. We have had many projects in post production and are finally moving out of that phase back into new projects.

Directed by Jason Durdon and Danny Torres Continuum Pictures Zombie Film

Cider Springs Slaughter produced by Danny Torres, along with Mano a Mano directed/produced by Danny Torres are both gearing up for theatrical releases in 2013.  Additionally the Jason Durdon, Danny Torres directed Sirens is making its online debut on the MCTV APP available on ITunes in January 2013 as well.  Also in January is the launch of the Danny Torres helmed MCTV VOD channel on Dish Network. Danny Torres on the Continuum Pictures side afor this joint venture.

CSS PosterDanny’s other films Convict, Wrestling Days, Ten Cents Short and others will be available in broad distribution for the first time in January 2013 through MCTV.

With the move out of post production we have actually had time to take Danny’s official page to the next level, which means more information. It will go through another transformation later in 2013 as our new web designers take over.

So take a moment and check out the New Danny Torres Official Site as

- Continuum Motion Pictures -

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Danny Torres : Continuum Motion Pictures : Projects : Images

Continuum Pictures LogoOn Set of Taught in Cold Blood- Continuum Pictures IMG_7760On Set of the Absents:James DuvalOn Set of the Absents: Jasonabsents5Richard Scott on Sirens: IMG00271From the Short film No Words
On the Set of Three Bad Men P5207863On the Set of Three Bad Men P5207941On the Set of Three Bad Men P5207866sz Danny Torres, Blake BeaudetteUnseen Shadows Mark Lillig with ActorsOn Set of Peepers silhouette cleaned upOn set of Peepers Mark and Robert
On Set of the Absents: Danny Torres, Frank KruegerOn Set of the Absents: William Romeo, Mike Boyer, EJ ScalziOn Set of the Absents: Monitor 2Mano a Mano Trailer Cut 004 (480)- Continuum PicturesOn Set of the Absents: Murder on setOn Set of Darkness Descending: Redemption and illusion
On the Set of Three Bad Men P5207874On the Set of Three Bad Men P5207878On the Set of Three Bad Men P5207938On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:Scene 243 MS Linda at TableOn Set of Taught in Cold Blood:Scene 243 MS CameronOn Set of Taught in Cold Blood:Scene 243 bloody Cameron kills mom

Continuum Pictures, a set on Flickr.

Photos from many of Continuum Pictures current productions

On the Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2440On the Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2469On the Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2456_2On the Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2443_2On the Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2392On the Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2439_2
On the Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2436_2On Set The Darkness Descending IMG_2441_2 james duvalOn Set The Darkness Descending IMG_2446_2 James DuvalOn Set The Darkness Descending IMG_2451Danny Torres On Set The Darkness Descending IMG_2459On Set The Darkness Descending IMG_2454 James Duval
On Set The Darkness Descending IMG_2462 james duvalSkeeter On Set The Darkness Descending IMG_2456_2Danny Torres On Set The Darkness Descending IMG_2443_2On Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2473 James DuvalOn Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2496On Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2535_2 James Duval
On Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2538 James DuvalDanny Torres On Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2540_2Danny Torres On Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2549Danny Torres On Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2546 James DuvalOn Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2554 James DuvalOn Set of The Darkness Descending IMG_2556 James Duval

The Darkness Descending, a set on Flickr.

Photos from the Blue Dragon/Continuum Pictures Production The Darkness Descending.

On Set of Taught In Cold Blood_MG_7809On Set of Taught In Cold Blood_MG_7807 James DuvalOn Set of Taught In Cold Blood_MG_7806On Set of Taught In Cold Blood_MG_7804On Set of Taught In Cold Blood_MG_7803On Set of Taught In Cold Blood_MG_7802
On Set of Taught In Cold Blood_MG_7800On Set of Taught In Cold Blood_MG_7798On Set of Taught In Cold Blood_MG_7796On Set of Taught In Cold Blood_MG_7793On Set of Taught In Cold Blood_MG_7791On Set of Taught in Cold Blood- Continuum Pictures IMG_7760
On Set of Taught in Cold Blood: IMG00306On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:IMG00305On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:IMG00304On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:IMG00302On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:IMG00300On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:IMG00299
On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:IMG00297On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:IMG00296On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:IMG00295On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:IMG00294On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:IMG00293On Set of Taught in Cold Blood:IMG00292

Pictures from the Continuum Pictures thriller Taught in Cold Blood

Danny Torres on set of Taught in Cold BloodJason Durdon and Danny Torres on set of The AbsentsDanny Torres operating camera on Taught in Cold BloodJason Durdon Filmplane and Danny Torres Continuum Pictures IMG00079Danny Torres on Mano a Mano CIMG1448Danny Torres and Paul on Taught In Cold Blood
Danny Torres on the Deliverance Music Video IMG00011Set of Mano a Mano CIMG1442The Absents IMG00117 Continuum PicturesThe Absents Camera at work Continuum Pictures

Danny Torres, a set on Flickr.

Danny Torres is the CEO Continuum Pictures and Producer with Filmplane Entertainment.

Filmplane Logo -Old SchoolContinuum Pictures Blue LogoAustin Anderson and Danny Torres on Three Bad menDanny Torres and Paul on Taught In Cold BloodDanny Torres on the Deliverance Music Video IMG00011The Deliverance Music Video and Band IMG00010
Set of Mano a Mano Austin Anderson CIMG1402Set of Mano a Mano Luis Villafranca CIMG1440Set of Mano a Mano CIMG1442Matthew Dyer, Director Mano a Mano CIMG1437James Duval and Luis Villafranca Mano a Mano CIMG1444Danny Torres on Mano a Mano CIMG1448
Cast and Crew Mano a Mano CIMG1400Austin Anderson on set of ChasedChased Car 3 IMG_2192Jason Durdon Chased Car 2 IMG_2184Chased Kids 1 IMG_2199Chased location 1 IMG_2202
Chased Set 2 IMG_2218Taylor McPartland on set of ChasedQuan Tran, Fred, Ryan Evans on Sirens IMG00052Ryan Watson on set of Sirens IMG00075Set of Sirens P1050213Continuum Pictures 2010 promotional trailer

Filmplane Production, a set on Flickr.

Some photos from general productions involving Filmplane. Jason Durdon, Danny Torres and James Duval primary producers for Filmplane

Set of Sirens P1050213Jason Durdon Filmplane and Danny Torres Continuum Pictures IMG00079Ryan Watson on set of Sirens IMG00075Quan Tran, Fred, Ryan Evans on Sirens IMG00052Gino Costabile and Ryan Evans on Sirens _MG_6311James Duval on set of Mano a Mano
Jason Durdon and Danny Torres on set of The AbsentsScott Hayman and Jason Durdon on set of Taught In Cold Blood Scott Hayman on Set of Taught In Cold BloodMesindo Pompa on set of Taught In Cold Blood.Danny Torres on set of Taught in Cold BloodDanny Torres operating camera on Taught in Cold Blood
Taylor McPartland on set of ChasedChased Set 2 IMG_2218Chased location 1 IMG_2202Chased Kids 1 IMG_2199Jason Durdon Chased Car 2 IMG_2184Chased Car 3 IMG_2192
Austin Anderson on set of ChasedCast and Crew Mano a Mano CIMG1400Danny Torres on Mano a Mano CIMG1448James Duval and Luis Villafranca Mano a Mano CIMG1444Matthew Dyer, Director Mano a Mano CIMG1437Set of Mano a Mano CIMG1442

Continuum Pictures and Filmplane Entertainment have been producing films since 2006. The actual team has been around longer. Here are some of the production photos of recent projects.

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Danny Torres : Continuum Motion Pictures

Continuum Pictures Logo: Danny Torres

Continuum Pictures located on the Paramount lot

Continuum Pictures CEO and Producer Danny Torres is a filmmaker of unusual focus. His attention to detail and his desire for creative perfection make him a formidable  personality in the development of any project. Through his creative efforts Continuum Pictures since its move to Los Angeles in 2006 has been in a constant stat of production and growth.

This growth has not come easy to the Continuum Pictures team. There has been much sacrifice and commitment by all involved, due to the number of projects that Continuum Pictureshas done, committed to and completed since its arrival. This growth has been possible do to an absolute commitment to the creative process. In the company creative

Danny Torres: Continuum Pictures: Directing

takes priority to business every time. Danny Torres‘ movie first philosophy is based on an understanding, you make great movies and people will want to work with you. This does not mean that every project Continuum Pictures has made has been great, but they all have been the best that the team could make at the time. Each project has brought a unique experience and access to resources. By placing the movie first, many have come to trust Continuum Pictures involvement in their projects. It was this trust and growth in the Continuum Pictures production model, that garnered the company and its team an invitation to the Paramount lot.

Danny Torres: Continuum Pictures with John and Joel Murray on The Bouncer

Danny Torres with John & Joel Murray on The Bouncer

In August 2011 five years after its arrival in Los Angeles, Continuum Pictures moved onto the Paramount lot into five offices in the historic Marx Brothers Building.  During this time Continuum Pictures has focused on moving its previous independent productions out of post and into the new distribution avenues that it now has access too.  In October of 2011 Danny Torres and Continuum Pictures EVP/Filmplane CEO Jason Durdon closed financing on three feature films to be shot by Continuum Pictures in the first quarter of 2012.

The first of these features is a action-horror film written by Danny Torres. Shivers is schedule to begin shooting later this January/early February. The film is to be directed by both Danny Torres and Jason Durdon.

Jason Durdon director

Jason Durdon directing

Danny Torres and Jason Durdon have regularly collaborated on production since Continuum Pictures arrival in 2006.  Jason Durdon and Danny Torres both produced the William Branden Blinn written/produced/directed short film Thirteen or So Mintues that went on to win in many festivals around the world. They later collaborated through Filmplane on the short film Chased, helmed again by Blinn. Jason Durdon officially joined the Continuum Pictures team shortly after Chased and became the CEO of Filmplane Entertainment, Continuum Pictures “indie” company. Since his arrival in Continuum Pictures Jason Durdon and Danny Torres have consistently worked together on every project, including the 2012 Continuum Pictures release Cider Springs Slaughter, which was produced and written by Danny Torres and directed by Jason Durdon. They also recently directed together Sirens a Zombie Apocalypse film written  by Jason Durdon. Sirens is also scheduled for release in 2012 on the Zombie Compilation titled Zombie Chronicles.

Shivers temp poster

Dir: Danny Torres & Jason Durdon: Continuum Pictures

Now in 2012 Danny Torres and Jason Durdon are looking to direct at least two films together. The first being Shivers, another a relaunch of a Zombie horror branded film. Continuum Pictures continues to grow and move forward with each of the films it creates being better than the last. Danny Torres’ direction and care for the creative process is Continuum Pictures greatest strength.

Listen to Past Interviews with Danny Torres:

Danny Torres: KKDA Dallas Interview: 2/10/2006
Danny Torres: LATalk Radio: Indies In Motion w/Rich Mizuno Interview: 10/18/20010
Danny Torres: LATalk Radio: Mother Love Show: Interview: 10/28/2010

Danny Torres: Blog Interview: Allison Richards: Pumping out the Action: 7/8/2010

Continuum Pictures Promo Reel:

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Continuum Motion Pictures and Cider Springs Slaughter

Cider Springs Slaughter is the horror film I wrote and produced. We recently began the marketing campaign as we gear up for distribution of the film.  Since Continuum Pictures Studios moved to the lot last August, we have been moving through post production on Taught in Cold Blood,  Ocean Front Property, Sirens, Zombie Chronicles, and many more projects that we have picked up for distribution.

Jason Durdon (Cider Springs Slaughter) and myself are gearing up to direct Shivers together. We recently worked on Sirens as directors.

- Danny Torres-

Here is our trailer:

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I Was A Dinosaur Kid

I was a dinosaur kid. I’m not sure why or how it started; I just remember that at the age of five being a dinosaur kid. Maybe it was because I had a little plastic T-Rex and Triceratops. Maybe it was because I saw The Land Before Time and Dino the Last Dinosaur a few too many times. Or maybe it was because, when I was five years old, I read a book called Danny and his Dinosaur. The story was about a young boy named Danny who one days walks outside his house and sees a dinosaur, a friendly one at that. And together, they walk around the city, looking at sights, and play hide and go-seek, all the while Danny rode around on the dinosaur’s shoulders. Now I remember reading this book quite a few times, enthralled by the fact that someone took the time to tell a story of a character who shared my name. At the time, little did I know about alliteration being a great selling tool or that people sang a song called “Oh Danny Boy,” but just seeing my name in print was cool.

Moving forward five years later, an entire lifetime later in my little world, I heard tell of a movie coming out called Jurassic Park that was about—wait for it: dinosaurs. I wanted to see it, and some of my friends were talking about it, but summer was “so far away” so who knew when it was going to come out. I remember seeing the billboards in the Valley—the distinct bone structure of a T-Rex outlined in a circle with the title “Jurassic Park” beneath it.

Finally, one day, I found myself in the theater with my family sitting in the very first row as the theater was packed. I didn’t care, I just looked straight up and it started—I was confused at first by the opening, not knowing why this forklift was driving through trees or what was inside the box, just that I know I wanted to see what was inside the box. Of course, I didn’t get to see, so I was annoyed. The film continued and then I finally caught my first glimpse—Grant and Ellie get out of the jeep and stare up at a lumbering dinosaur, the sight so inspiring it brings tears to her eyes. I remember getting to the T-Rex Paddock and waiting to see it, but she never showed up (remember, all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are female) and my frustration continued until they get stuck… and the power goes out… and a distinct two-fingered hand reaches towards the no-longer electrified fence… and then it happened: the T-Rex broke out. Right in front of Grant and Ian, the T-Rex lumbers across the road and roars. It brought me chills and I was hooked— there was no wrong this movie could do. It’s one thing to do a dinosaur movie, but then for all of them to suddenly break free and escape? Genius! I enjoyed the thrill ride that was the rest of the movie, excited and scared when we first saw the Raptors enter the kitchen, and then filled with an over sense of joy and excitement when the T-Rex enters the building, kills the raptor, and roars as a banner that reads “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” falls right in front of her and everyone else escaped. Even when I watch the movie to this day, I still fall for it and get the chill down my spine.

I can’t say that I wanted to be a filmmaker at that moment. What I can say, what I do believe is that I and many, many people around me work everyday to try and conceive and create the next spine tingling moment, when all the pieces come together and just inspire the ten year old inside of us. We all hold moments from our childhood in the highest regard, memories from years past that we identify with ourselves because they were there for us when we knew very little about the world around us, but we didn’t care because we had these tv shows, toys, games, and movies that we could see, touch, feel, and experience in our own little ways. And to this day, they remain special to us, for perhaps no other reason than we experienced it when we were seven. So as a filmmaker, I hope I can one day leave my positive note on some kid who likes dinosaurs or comic books or actions figures or whatever other interest they hold. As a gift that was once given to me, I hope to be able to return the favor.

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Pumping out the Action. (via The Big Picture, The Fine Print)

This is an interview that Alison Richards gave Danny Torres, CEO of Continuum Pictures.

Pumping out the Action.  An interview with filmmaker Danny Torres I recently had the opportunity to chat with a filmmaker who has carefully laid plans to make his mark in Hollywood.  He formed Continuum Pictures in October of 2005 and it has been growing steadily ever since.  There were two things about Danny Torres that surprised me; the first how clear his vision for success was and the second that he’s only 26 years old. Noni:     Thanks for taking the time to speak w … Read More

via The Big Picture, The Fine Print

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Danny Torres: Links on The Web

The Darkness Descending: Produced by Danny Torres and Continuum Pictures

Blog Under Constant Update:

Danny Torres
Writer, Director, Producer, Filmmaker
danny torres personal site

twitter: TheDannyTorres : twitter: ContinuumPics: twitter: FilmplaneFilm

DP/Producer Danny Torres with Director Joel Murray

Danny Torres produced his first feature “Wrestling Days” when he was 20 years old and attending UC Berkeley. Shortly after wrapping that feature he became a partner and then head of Independent Image Entertainment (IIE). Later in late 2005 he formed Continuum Pictures with five of the IIE partners. In early 2006 at the age of 21 he moved Continuum Pictures to Los Angeles. He has since produced many features, short films, music videos and web series. His love for filmmaking is a driving force within the Continuum Pictures Team.

Links around the Web: We will be updating these as we go along. With over 20 producing credits to his name it will take a little while: For a immediate full list of his film credits please feel free to press on the Imdb link below.

imdb: Danny Torres
Danny Torres: inbaseline
Continuum Pictures: inbaseline

Jason Durdon head of Filmplane and Danny Torres head of Continuum Pictures on Sirens

Bio: Danny Torres/Continuum Pictures
LinkedIn-Danny Torres
Facebook- Danny Torres
Danny Torres: Continuum Pictures: Cinematography
KKDA: Interview
LATalk Radio: Mother Love Show interview
LATalk Radio: Indies in Motion with Rick Mizuno
Interview with Alison Richards
Danny Torres Google Profile
Danny Torres Plaxo Profile
Fandango Profile
Continuum Pictures: LinkedIn
Filmplane Entertainment: LinkedIn
Continuum Pictures News & Facts
Filmplane News & Facts
Vimeo Channel
James Duval Blog:
Horror Junkies Channel

Mitsein received the support of Danny Torres and Continuum Pictures

Photo galleries with Danny Torres Photos:
Photostream with Danny Torres production Pictures

Danny Torres: Continuum Pictures Movies
Danny Torres: Continuum Pictures News
Danny Torres: Continuum Pictures Press

Taught In Cold Blood: DP/Producer (2011)
Status: In Production
Trailer: Coming Soon
Taught In Cold Blood Photo Album 1
Taught In Cold Blood Photo Album 2
Continuum Pictures site: Taught In Cold Blood
imdb: Taught In Cold Blood

On set Mano a Mano

Mano a Mano: DP/Producer (2011)
Status: Post Production:
Mano a Mano Trailer:
Continuum Pictures Site: Mano a Mano
Facebook: Mano a Mano
inbaseline: Mano a Mano
imdb: Mano a Mano

Redemption: Darkness Descending: Producer (2009)
Below one of the country’s most vibrant cities lies an unseen world shrouded in mystery and violence. In the vast maze of subway tunnels and caves, people struggle to survive as they are forgotten by the world above. Nothing is exactly what it seems and danger lies around every corner. It is a world of stories.

Chelsea Henderson, student and filmmaker entered this underground world to document these stories. This is what she found.
Horror Junkies Review
Cast and Crew
Status: Distributed: KoldCastTV
Trailer season 1
Redemption: Episode 1
Horror Junkies Broadcast: Episode 1
Lost: Episode 2
Darkness: Episode 3
Harmony: Episode 4
The Chosen: Episode 5
Official Site:
Facebook Page: The Darkness Descending
imdb: The Darkness Descending

Ocean Front Property: Producer (2010)
A failed actress returns to her hometown to start a new life, and unexpectedly discovers the completion she had always dreamed of. Writer/Producer/Director Joseph Neibich starred in Ocean Front Property. The film also starred wonderful Suzette Tomlinson and a cast of comedians.
imdb: Ocean Front Property
Ocean Front Property: Trailer
Continuum Pictures Site: Ocean Front Property
Ocean Front Property: facebook
Suzette Tomlinson Interview:
Suzette News:
Jduvalfilm Blog

The Absents: Producer/Writer (2011)
Thirty years ago the small town of Cider Springs was rocked by a series of brutal murders, for which the killer was never found. But when a group of high school students discover the killer’s infamous mask in their history teacher’s possession, questions start to fly – and the killings resume.
Status: In Post Production
Continuum Pictures: The Absent
imdb: The Absents
The Absents:
facebook page

Sirens: Producer/DP (2011)
One moves through the streets of LA in the ensuing aftermath of a Zombie Apocalypse on to hear the call of death.
Status: Post Production
Sirens: Photo Stream with Pictures

Convict: Producer (2009)
Parolee and his nineteen year old hostage begin a journey into the horrors of the American prison system.
Status: Out to Festivals
Continuum Pictures: Convict
imdb: Convict

OMG! Wrong Party: Producer/Editor (2010)
“What happens when a bunch of different types of people… from the drunk girls, the classy LA girl, the party deuschbag boy, the nerd, etc etc… all attend one party, accidentally?”
HollyShorts Interview
Continuum Pictures News: OMG! Wrong Party
imdb: OMG! Wrong Party

Thirteen Or So Minutes: Executive Producer (2008)
Lawrence Jefferies and Hugh Greerey have just met. They both have girlfriends…they’re both straight. Thirteen or so minutes later, however, something’s happened and things have changed.
Blog Review:
BB MediaGroup Cast Crew: Official Site
Thirteen Or So Minutes: Trailer
Thirteen or So Minutes: Imdb
Palm Springs Film Festival
Seattle Film Festival
Honolulu Rainbow Festival
Thirteen Or So Minutes Awards
On Vimeo

Midnight Snack:
Executive Producer (2008)
A film producer meets an odd couple at a bar. Little does he know, he’s about to become part of this couples main course.
imdb: Midnight Snack

Aparna Malladi

Mitsein: Executive Producer (2009)
Forced to accept the life that is presented to her, Moksha gets married and moves with her husband Neel to a foreign land. Unable to connect with him or others around her, Moksha finds herself alone and miserable. Her new life presents bleak possibilities, and she feels that she has no way out.

One day, Moksha finds a painting of herself in an art gallery, and fervently sets out to find the artist who captured her sad truth. This sets her on a journey to rediscover the one person who can make her life whole again: herself.
Continuum Pictures: Mitsein
Mitsein: Imdb
She Creates Cinema: India Entertainment Online
The Mumbai Ready Reckoner

Danny Torres First Feature

Wrestling Days: Producer (2006)
The four leaders of the high school wrestling team, in the midst of their senior year, set out to recruit new wrestlers. However, their friendship is put to the test when one falls for the head cheerleader and another falls for a girl who shocks everyone by joining the team! They must lead their team through the season while butting heads with the basketball team, learning how to date, and dealing with an overbearing coach. (This was Danny Torres first feature at age of 20, in 2004)
Continuum Pictures: Official Site:
IIE site:
imdb: Wrestling Days

No Strings Attached: Executive Producer (2006)
Two apathetic guys with nothing but time on their hands agree to housesit for a friend in a less-than-stellar neighborhood. During their time there, they witness a murder in the backyard and are drawn into a cat and mouse game where they must outwit an assassin and a gang of mob enforcers, and somehow escape unscathed before their friend’s family from out of town stops by to visit.
Official Site:
Continuum Pictures Site:
imdb: No Strings Attached

Ten Cents Short: Producer (2007)
Broke and desparate, two hardened guys on their way to California hold up an office. When the police arrive, they have to take hostages and see if they can figure a way out.
Official Site:
Continuum Pictures Site:
imdb: Ten Cents Short

Two Rooms in The Valley: Co-Executive Producer (2008)
Join actor Don Scribner on an autobiographical journey of love, life, music and passion. This memoir takes us through an improbable journey from “cardboard in the shoes poor” childhood in Wisconsin to school teacher and principal struggling with the life long ambitions that led him to Los Angeles.
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imdb: Two Rooms In The Valley

Music Videos:
Karmadons: Came a Long Way To See You (2010)
Director/Producer/Director of Photography

Karmadons Bio:

The Deliverance: Wicked Heart: (2010)
Producer and Director of  Photography:

The Deliverance: Dramatic: (2010)
Producer/Director of Photography

review of The Deliverance

Mano a Mano: Danny Torres: Producer/DP Continuum Pictures

DP/Producer Danny Torres guided this production from inception to the end.

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The Danny Torres Blog

Danny Torres CEO of Continuum Pictures

Continuum Pictures is maintaining this Blog for the purpose of creating a forum to discuss, show and share the work of Danny Torres. It is ultimately designed to become a fan site for people to share comments on the films he has produced.

From time to time Danny will contribute to this page. His personal thoughts will be shared in the category quite aptly named Personal.  It is our hope that this site will become a resource for press inquiries as well as other filmmakers.

Since its inception Continuum Pictures has grown as a team and as a creative force. We look forward in sharing ours and Danny Torres journey with you.

–The Continuum Pictures Team–

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